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3D Riso Color Wheel - Assembled

3D Riso Color Wheel - Assembled


Assembled and packed safely in a cake box, this is 8 Riso inks organized into a 3-dimensional color space.


Just as evenly spaced musical notes combine to make harmonious chords, you can choose color harmonies based on regular intervals of hue, saturation and value. The spacing of the 12 hues is artistically subjective and was achieved by “pulling” or “pushing” the hues warmer or cooler by layering them with various opacities of their nearest neighbor inks. Along the vertical axis, you’ll find 3 achromatic shades - 100% black, 50% black and 15% black. Along the horizontal axis, you’ll find the parent hue at 50% opacity as well as the parent hue desaturated with 50% black.


To create this design, I relied on research from The Color Harmony Manual and How to Use It by Egbert Jacobson published in 1942, which in turn relied on the research of Dr. Wilhelm Ostwald who was publishing on the subject of color from 1916 to 1931.


Special thanks to the MoMA Library, the Center for Book Arts and the SVA RisoLAB.

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